Fit Guide for Birkenstock

Anatomically shaped footbed and a perfect fit form the basis for healthy feet and a healthy gait. With a correct fit sore feet, pressure points or malposition's can be prevented.

Our recommendation: don’t wear new sandals longer than a few hours at a time to break them in slowly. After measuring your foot, use our size guide to find the best size.

To guarantee optimum comfort, Birkenstock offers footbeds in two widths: “regular” for normal to sturdy feet and “narrow” for slim and more narrow feet.

Put your foot in the sandal, adjust the straps as needed for a comfortable fit. Ensure there is optimum space around your feet. Check your straps again after a few days, as the upper can stretch a little over time.


There should be a space of approx. 5 mm between the heel and the footbed edge. There should be a space of approx. 5 mm between the heel and the footbed edge.


There should be a space of approx. 10 mm between the toes and the footbed edge.

The Birkenstock footbed: A legendary foundation for comfort.

Experience superior comfort with the iconic Birkenstock footbed. Engineered for exceptional support, it features:

Anatomical design: Deep heel cup, arch supports (interior and exterior), and a metatarsal bone stabilizer for all-day comfort.

Sustainable cork core: Provides natural insulation, shock absorption, and excellent cushioning.

Flexible and supportive: The cork and latex core adapts to your foot shape for personalized comfort.

Breathable materials: Cork and a suede lining wick away moisture to keep your feet fresh.

Jute stability: Dual layers of jute stabilize the core and enhance flexibility.


An Overview of Birkenstock Materials

Birkenstock uses high-quality types of leather, carefully selected textiles and synthetic/blended fabrics to produce sandals and shoes. All materials are produced responsibly and continuously monitored to ensure they are kind to skin.

Suede: Sand-buffed flesh part of the skin after being split. A velour touch and feel making it comfortable, durable and providing optimum moisture absorption.

Full Grain Leather: Is the top tier of leather, known for its thickness and natural beauty. While some full grain leathers maintain a smooth surface, others are tumbled for a more casual look and enhanced feel. This luxurious material offers unmatched comfort, breathability, and insulation. Full grain leather is incredibly durable, moulding to your feet over time for a truly personalized fit.

Oiled Leather: Oiled leather gets its richness from oils and waxes, creating a two-tone effect and a beautiful distressed look as it ages. These oils also make it supple and more water-resistant.

Nubuck Leather: Crafted from top-grain hides that are sanded or buffed to create a short, velvety nap on the surface. This gives nubuck its characteristic soft, fuzzy texture that feels luxurious to the touch. Over time, as the nubuck ages, the nap can develop a beautiful patina, which is a subtle change in colour and texture that adds to the leather's unique character.

Wool Felt: Wool felt is a tough, comfy fabric made by matting wool fibres. It's naturally warm, breathable, and is often used for slippers.

Synthetic Materials

Birko-Flor: Skin-friendly, tear resistant and easy-care synthetic material which is used exclusively by Birkenstock.

Birko-Flor Nubuck: Almost perfectly replicates the look and feel of authentic nubuck leather.

Birko-Flor Patent: Moisture-repellent Birko-Flor with a patent finish. Brilliant and bold with a high-quality look.

Linen/Canvas: Robust textile types and is traditionally used for clothing that is subject to heavy wear. 

Microfibre (Vegan): Skin friendly material that is soft but also resisitant to tears.

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Boston DD Vegan


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